Month: May 2016

The World is Flat like Obama is a Muslim

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There are assertions that I find laughable and also quite disturbing at the same time.  One of these is the assertion that Obama is a Muslim.   The claim is absurd yet it is still propagated by a small group of people.  Some have even gone as far as to splice together a series of video clips, statements Obama has made throughout his public tenure, of course, without presenting these statements in their full context then posting them to YouTube to “prove” to you that Obama is a Muslim.   I have to shake my head in disbelief at the whole thing; that anyone would go to all that trouble to promote something so inane.  This type of behavior is very similar to the way other fringe groups believe in equally outrageous claims such as the one where the world is flat.

No matter how many different examples you can show members of this group that the world is not flat they still choose to believe that the world is flat.  Regardless of how many clear and factual examples you give that Obama, by all the available evidence, is a practicing Christian who attends a Southern Baptist church every Sunday, they still choose to believe that Obama is a Muslim.  Funny; because how could it really be true; what Muslim would regularly attend a Christian Church and a Southern Baptist congregation no less? And, disturbing; how and the heck could someone believe this in the face of all the evidence that proves otherwise?  But, even if Obama were a Muslim so what?  Isn’t this America?  Maybe that makes the disturbing part of this all the more disturbing when you consider that someone’s religion in America should even be an issue at all.