A house divided cannot stand.  There is hope, however. We can stop the polarity madness.  There is a cure.  We can limit the provocative mind by promoting and participating in the following:

  • More civility.
  • Less offensive behavior
  • Less offensive saber rattling political rants.
  • Less innuendo.
  • More willingness to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.
  • More decency and respect for others and their right to hold a differing opinion.
  • More face to face, respectful communication.

If we do all these things, then maybe those ideas can start to be reflected in Washington.  Maybe it will be just enough so our country starts to function again.  But, it starts with us and our own attitudes towards wanting that unity and functionality.  America was, has been and is great.  That doesn’t mean it cannot be greater.  It also doesn’t mean America cannot be better.

The fact that we have the ability to make it better by using the tools of democratic civility provided by our forefathers is what truly makes America great.  Make no mistake; America is great despite what some billionaire President might want you to otherwise believe.  So, let’s make it greater by not giving into the dysfunctional rhetoric that can only serve to derail our own greatness and that of our nation.

This site is dedicated to promoting the notion that civility needs to be re-established in our daily lives and, especially, in politics. We need to make sure that those who hold a different opinion than our own are treated with respect and dignity.   Less polarized politics and a lot more civility is the only way America remains “great.”

–The Polarity Resistance


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