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The Last Day of April 2022

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Last night, on the last day of April, 2022, I sat contemplating the current events of the day, these calamities affecting our country and our world.  These are events that are probably even more threatening and dangerous than the events that preceded World War II in the 1920’s and 1930’s and perhaps even more unsettling than the most harrowing incidences that occurred during the cold war.  We pretend they cannot be what they most assuredly are because it is too unbelievable to us that it could be happening all over again. 

In those days there had been a clear, unmistakable understanding of good and evil; the dividing line between Real Freedom vs. Oppression, Americanism vs. Nazism, Capitalism vs. Communism.  You could be easily defined as American or Un-American based upon that reliable unit of measure.  But the differences today are now more confused, ambiguous and blurred.  Propaganda has replaced facts and facts have become alternative. 

It’s a time where liberty and justice and the rule of law is less important than making something “great again.” It is a time where any despicable republic damaging means available to make it “great” is accepted without a blink of the eye or a critical thought to evaluate just how destructive it will be to a system of government built on a promise to keep government free of corruption with a focus on truthIt’s a time where many lack any consideration of just how great American had always been.  It’s a time where there is a failure to understand that we have a founding document that contains an implied guarantee to all people of any race, creed or cultural heritage that they have access to that freedom, to those unalienable rights and regardless of how painfully long it took for that guarantee to be fully realized.

It’s a time where Jim Crow laws have been reintroduced based upon the insecurities of a totalitarian infected American political organization.  It is a time where a political party fearful that it will lose power takes drastic un-American measures to remain in power and despite its once more honorable past where it had been an American Party dedicated to freeing the slaves, the very ancestors of the citizens it is now attempting to disenfranchise.  It is a time where the honesty of the first Republican has been abandoned for dishonesty, dishonor and a lack of integrity that knows no bounds.  It. Is a time where abuse of power for petty vindictiveness is now an honored attribute.  It is a time where a perfectly corrupt phone call is hailed as a perfectly fine phone call.

It is a time where the freedom to have irresponsible reckless disregard for others is more important than somebody else’s freedom to live without the threat of dying in an overcrowded hospital from a deadly disease. It’s a time when imaginary bone spurs used as an excuse to avoid service to their country is more honorable than real bone spurs earned in a war with real sacrifice. It is a time when half the country has abandoned the ideas of our Founding Fathers by mocking their efforts to create a nation of laws rather than men. It’s a time where conservatives wrapped in corrupted garments of red, white and blue vote for unsuitable stewards of our system of government.  It is a time where idolizing disgraceful purveyors of disinformation and lies is the accepted norm.

It is a time where some Christians support the most un-Christian leader this country ever has known, justifying their betrayal to their otherwise noble beliefs by citing that all politicians lie without regard to the fact that no employer would select the most dishonest, disgraceful, untrustworthy candidate as their hire for employment even if they did believe all the people being interviewed have lied at some time in their life. It is a time where totalitarian ideas are embraced by insurrectionists and Fox News hosts with the errant belief that it somehow makes them American Patriots.  It is a time where up is down and foreign, Anti-American Ideas are somehow accepted as being wholly American.

There is nothing American about Totalitarian Authoritarians who think a Free Press is the enemy of the People.  There is nothing American about supporting the head of a brutal totalitarian regime invading another sovereign country where unacceptable death, destruction and genocide against a civilian population are documented for all the world to see.  There is nothing American about glorifying and defending an insidious, unjustified and internationally illegal assault against a smaller nation that has committed itself to freedom and democracy.

There is nothing American about siding with an undemocratic country that is attempting to deny a smaller democratic country it’s right to self-determination. There is nothing American about supporting a candidate who sought to overthrow a free, secure and fair election.  There is nothing American about accepting a lie as the truth.

All these actions are un-American.  They are anti-American.  The criminal monster that is Putin is the model that the top leader of the Republican Party aspires to be.  It should be a wake-up call to all conservatives who believe in honor, decency and, most of all, respect for the rule of law as described by our traditional understanding of American democracy and our republican form of government.  But it doesn’t seem the wakeup call is being heard.  Why?  What excuse could they possibly have? This is what I contemplate, on this first day of May, 2022.