No-Woke World Florida

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A New No-Woke World theme park is planning to be built in the former Reedy Creek Improvement District in Florida. DeSantis has decided to use his unlimited powers to create a new government sponsored theme park called, “No-Woke World.” The park will be built on the land that DeSantis took from Disney World earlier this year.  No-Woke World is set to compete against that “awful, so called, ‘Magic Kingdom,’” DeSantis stated. “Floridians elected me to go war with Disney and that annoying little pathetic mouse, harboring that squeaky, high pitched woke-infested voice. And, by golly, that’s what I’m going to do!”

When asked about whether DeSantis might be confused; that what he disturbingly and personally wants may not really be what Floridians want, he commented, “My personal grievances are Florida’s Personal grievances.”  Proud of his tyrannical behavior, DeSantis announced that No-Woke-Mountain will be the park’s first attraction.  Part of the thrill of the ride being promoted by DeSantis is that non-white citizens will be allowed on the ride but they must always go to the back of the line.

Also, before entering the ride, non-white citizens will be looked upon with suspicion by menacing policemen dressed in character costumes. White citizens will be given the “No-Woke” discount after visiting the park more than five times in a year. Black citizens must complete a, “Critical Race Theory is Discrimination,” twenty-hour educational course before they will be allowed to enter the park for the first time. For those who have trouble passing the course, watching 40 hours of PragerU videos will also satisfy entrance requirements. In all, No-Woke World is sure to be a hit that is bound to out-compete Disney World in the coming years by being true to its newly adopted motto (and recently approved by the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District), “The Most Disturbing Place on Earth.”

Tinker Bell Sent Packing for being Too Woke

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Claiming, “that little fairy is just too woke,” Tinker Bell has been banned from Cinderella’s castle, effective immediately, by order of the evil wicked Governor of the East, Ron DeSantis.  DeSantis also said he will soon start eviction proceedings against the poor reputation-soiled fairy starting Monday.  Since 1971, Tinker Bell had made her home in the Peter Pan attraction at Disney World in Florida but is now forced to permanently relocate to her older home in the Peter Pan attraction in Disneyland in California. Note that, Wokeness, a religion once thought to be protected by the U.S. Constitution, has come under attack recently by autocratic government agencies and new Florida State laws intended to discriminate against anyone daring to practice Wokeness in Florida.

The Pathetic Generation

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In 1973 and 1974, the “Greatest Generation” was, for the most part, still at the helm of our national government.  When Republicans of that generation learned that a President had participated in actions outside the rule of law, they reacted responsibly with honor to hold that President to account.  So, if that was the, “Greatest Generation,” today’s Republicans must be part of the, “Pathetic Generation.”

When today’s Republicans learned of a President’s offences against our nation, instead of removing this twice impeached president from office for crimes of corruption and insurrection, they embraced this liar, cheater and graceless election loser as their “Dear Leader,” turning him into a cult figurehead.  Even when learning that after leaving office that it is quite evident that Trump stole confidential and top-secret documents of the United States of America that puts our national security at risk, instead of condemning that former president for endangering our national security, we find them fully participating in his corruption by spinning, distracting and projecting their own worst faults onto the agencies that help to protect our nation from criminals and foreign espionage; not even caring that it puts the lives of these dedicated law enforcement agents in jeopardy.

It doesn’t get any more irresponsibly pathetic than that. Dereliction of duty is one thing…but having members of a once respectable American Political Party being completely complicit in national security crimes is quite another.

Ending the Shining City: The Corruption of an American Political Party

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What has happened to the Republican Party is like a plot out of a bad horror movie where a whole Party turns into a dark, sinister organization right before our very eyes.  It’s a horror movie loosely based upon the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: the Republican Party, a once benevolent and truthful organization dedicated to justice and American ethical civility where the rights of minorities were championed, turns into the “Chaos and Mayhem Party,” a Political Party devoted to fascist, totalitarian and Putin like ideas, a disturbingly dishonest organization that has installed as its leader an ethically challenged and criminally liable, morally deformed, bone-spurred man. It’s a movie I don’t want to watch but one I am forced to watch every day.

I used to respect the Republican Party.  I count some of its past leaders like, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and even Herbert Hoover as people I greatly admired.  Though his reputation was tarnished by the Great Depression, I admire President Hoover for his achievements and dedication to public service over his entire lifetime but, especially, continuing to do so for 30 years after completing a presidency that many did and still do blame for the Great Depression.  But however tarnished Hoover’s reputation might have been at any single point in time, it was never due to anything unlawful, nefarious or criminal. The same cannot be said of the Republican Party today.

Just to make it clear where I am coming from: I voted for Ronald Reagan twice. And Bush Senior twice. I voted for Bush Jr. once.  In fact, I had frequently found myself agreeing with and voting more often than not for Republicans that I began to think of myself as a mole, strategically placed in another party to help steer the primaries towards the candidate in my own Party that would be less likely to win against the Republican challenger.  Of course, I realize, my vote probably counted little towards that real end and any power I imagined I might have had, fictitious. But the point is, I voted for Republicans a lot, 70% of the time in fact.  I voted for Republicans who were some of the most conservative you could ever think of too and not just in Presidential elections but in State elections as well.

But, here’s the thing. I didn’t vote for these Republican public servants because they were, “conservative” and I certainly didn’t vote for them because I was being a “team member.”  I voted for them because they proved to me that they understood the ideals of our Founding Fathers.  They understood how important the rule of law is.  They also proved to me that they had the proper level of understanding of how dangerous of a threat corruption is to our democracy and to our republic.  They had that vision of a shining City on a Hill that is our democracy, that is our republic.

The realization of what a threat corruption is to our American ideals, to freedom, to democracy and to our republic is something Teddy Roosevelt well understood. Teddy Roosevelt started his early political career taking on corruption, first as a State Assemblyman, then as a Police Commissioner, then as Governor of New York and, finally, as President of the United States of America. Roosevelt fought corruption of all kinds. Though he too was a populist, he was a Republican populist with honor at a time when Republicans believed in honor. It didn’t matter to Roosevelt whether you were Republican or Democrat, if a business representative or a government official was corrupt, they needed to be held to account for the crimes they committed.

Roosevelt made a lot of people in his own Political Party mad.  But he wasn’t afraid to do it.  Roosevelt understood that if he didn’t do it, the threat that corruption posed to our democracy could easily cause our republic to collapse.  Roosevelt was always thinking in terms of how can we best secure our democracy and our republic for future generations.

With Roosevelt, it was always about our democracy.  It was always about our republic. It was always about committed, truthful public service. It was always about providing real freedom for America and not the fake Freedom that is so cheaply packaged by Fox News and by other radical right news sources backed by their nonsensical conspiracy-theory based propaganda machine.  This propaganda machine of theirs continually churns out manufactured patriotism that always seems to be just another dangerous piece of broken plastic rhetoric that could easily cut and destroy our system of government at any moment.

Republicans don’t respect anti-corruption laws today and they certainly are lacking in the amount of honor and integrity that is required to take up such a crusade. And whenever Republicans do make accusations of corruption, it is always charged rhetoric lacking in facts and truth and often used as a spinning political tool against their rival opposing party without any real intention to address the supposed corruption that never existed in the first place except to use it as an excuse to enact laws to make it more difficult for people to vote—a classic anti-democracy attribute of any Party devoted to fascist ideas.

The amount of damage the Republicans’ irresponsible rhetoric is causing our country today is too massive to measure. Their inability to accept an election loss gracefully and with dignity and with honor or to acknowledge that there was no fraud in the election except their own fraud they are projecting onto others is a disgraceful display of insecurity; it is weak, dangerous and unbecoming of any responsible American Political Party dedicated to truth and justice. In fact, today’s Republican Party has more in common with a political party in Russia or in any banana republic you can name in South America than it does with any legitimate, traditional Party in America dedicated to justice and real freedom.

The Republican Party fails to hold Americans who break the law accountable whenever that lawbreaker is a leader in their own party (whether it be due to anti-Corruption laws, obstruction of justice and/or other abuses of power). The same is not true of the Democratic Party that has been quick to condemn and disassociate itself with any elected leader of their Party who have even a hint of impropriety.  For example, consider Rod Blagojevich and Andrew Cuomo.

Republicans simply cannot be trusted with keeping our nation safe from corrupt, tyrannical, internal domestic activities.  In 2018, the Republicans participated in voter fraud in North Carolina. Ironically, it was mail-in-voting.  In California in 2020, the Republican Party installed counterfeit ballot drop boxes and then refused to remove them. That crime usually caries a felony penalty, making the Republican Party in California an overt real criminal organization in my opinion. Republicans, twice, refused to impeach a President for obvious crimes that would have landed any other ordinary citizen in jail. When one of their own commits a crime, Republicans’ knee-jerk reaction is to lie, spin and cover-up the crime.  There is only one conclusion here:  Republicans are poor stewards of our democracy and they are poor stewards of our republic.

Holding people to account for crimes committed while in office or while out of office is an absolute requirement of any American Political Party.  The failure to do that, is a failure for that Political Party to do its duty. It makes that Political Party Un-American and, even worse, it makes it anti-American. The Republican Party today has embraced fascist ideas that dictates that they should be devoted to only one man and one man only.

Even when their Dear Leader steals top secret government documents that belong to the United States of America and that he has illegally stored in an unsecure non-Government facility at his private residence, rather than admonish the perpetrator for this very serious offense, the Republican Party shifts focus away from the prime suspect in the criminal investigation to question the legitimacy of the actions of law enforcement. That idea is so foreign to any legitimate American idea that it deserves precise and swift condemnation.

Republicans have concluded that their loyalty to this one man is greater than their loyalty to our country, to its laws and to the ideas of our Founding Fathers regarding the rule of law. And that this loyalty to this one man is so great that they are willing to lie, cheat, distract and cover-up these crimes. There is nothing respectable about this behavior.  There is nothing honorable about this behavior.  There is nothing American about this behavior.

Republicans believe that there is no law that can be broken by their Dear Leader and there is no law that they can break that cannot always be pardoned for later. It is shameful, it is disgraceful and yet, this is the Republican Party today. This cannot be a Law-and-Order Party.  A Law-and-Order Party would never only be concerned about people outside of their Party who break laws.  A Law-and-Order Party would never participate in its own criminal behavior to cover-up Party Member crimes.

It is time for Americans who truly believe in American ideas of Law and Order where there is no person above the law to reject the dangerous fascist rhetoric of the Republican Party.  Because if that does not happen, the duped supporters of this sick, once American, Political Party will really find themselves without a system of government where meaningful change can ever occur.  And I also predict that the first thing to go will be their beloved Second Amendment because when their corrupt “Republican” leader finally gets what he really wants, total and absolute power, that sitting tyrant will certainly not want any citizens to have guns. And that’s because there will be a point in time when it finally dawns on those citizens that his real goals are not truly their goals. You can never trust a devil.

But, by the time these demagogue supporting citizens figure that out, it will be too late. That Dear Leader would have already shot somebody on Fifth Avenue with or without supporters.  At that moment, the corruption of an American Political Party will be complete. And that shining City on a hill that President Reagan once described so hopefully will quickly become just a faint, distant memory, lost to history forever.

A Recognition of Self-Evident Truths is not being Political

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With his unsolicited warning last week where he alleged Big Businesses are inappropriately becoming involved in politics, McConnell fails to realize that the positions companies are taking against Republican efforts to attack the right of every citizen to vote freely and without burdensome restrictions is not based upon a desire to become political.   Instead, it is based upon a desire to remain ethical, decent, responsible but, most of all, it is based upon the desire to remain American.  Any red blooded American who believes in self-rule and the ideas of our Founding Fathers also believes in the concept that the right to vote should be made available to all American citizens. 

For corporations like, Delta Airlines, MLB, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Ford, Bank of America and hundreds of other large companies, this is not political.  This is a basic right that all real Americans hold sacred.  We should be making that right to vote easier for all American citizens…not more difficult.  We should not be thinking up clever and insidious ways to reintroduce Jim Crow laws into our society.

In no way should the right to vote become just another inaccessible luxury to people without means, denied to people who cannot afford a car or who do not have the affluence to take time off due to unpredictable work schedules. It is a basic ternate of our American form of democracy that we consider all people.  It is written in our Declaration of Independence.  It is written in our Constitution. Even in cases where people do not have a license to drive because obtaining a license for something they cannot afford to use would be impractical; we need to consider these citizens.

The Republican Party has made us keenly aware of the fact that it is now the Anti-Democracy Party.  The Republican Party seems to be on a terrible, un-American crusade to promote authoritarian ideas. The Republican Party lies about election fraud just like any two-bit authoritarian regime would lie in order to maintain its control. 

Ironically and disturbingly, the Republican Party is committing its own fraud while doing so. It has a propaganda machine that rivals the one Nazi Germany had in the 1930’s.  It promotes slogans that are just as dishonest and scary as the ones the Nazi’s promoted about winning World War I.  It touts criminally inclined Reality TV Bone-Spurred autocratic leaders, giving them lead positions in their organization.  The Republican Party offers these Teflon Dons immunity from anti-corruption, abuses of power and sedition laws the Dons have violated.  The Republican Party is charting a course for itself that has more in common with Russia and the present anti-democratic military state of Myanmar than it does with any American ideas about liberty, justice, democracy and principles that all men are created equal.

McConnell fails to realize that participating in the democratic process is a right of every citizen even the ones that vote against him and even when he finds Big Businesses no longer will go along with his Party’s Anti-American efforts to corrupt and neuter our 244 year old experiment in self-rule.  Anyone that fails to speak up for the right to vote freely and conveniently fails in their duty to be loyal to our American ideas of democracy.  It would be a dereliction in citizenship for anyone not to speak up.

That’s why these companies are taking a stand against Republican efforts to dismantle our voting rights.  Big Business’s reaction against these Republican efforts is not political.  It’s American.  It’s done out of a sense of duty and loyalty to the ideas put forth in our Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution.  Voting rights are truths that are self-evident.

Soliciting New Names for the Republican Party

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Since the Republican Party no longer appears to be the Party of Lincoln (preferring dishonest seditious TV Reality Stars instead) and it is definitely no longer the “Law and Order Party” given their continuing unwillingness to hold dishonest politicians in their own Party accountable for their unethical and inciting offences, the Party should really consider a name change.  Here are some ideas I have for a new name:

The News of the World Party

The National Enquiring Minds Party

The Chupacabras and UFO’s Really Exist Party

The Chest Hair Totalitarian Party

The 11,780 Missing Votes Party

The Alien DNA and Stop the Kabul Party

The Laser from Space Forrest Fire Party

The Seditious and Capital Vandals Party

The Censure Character and Integrity Party

The No Checks and Balances Party

The American Dear Leader Party

The One Dude Weird Worship Party

The Jim Jones Reinvented Party

The Grape Flavored Kool-Aid Party

The Kiss My Shinny Ring Party

The Alternate-Facts State TV & Propaganda Party

The My Pillow Party

The Forsake Our Founding Fathers Party

The Twisted Big Liars Party

The Bone Spurs and Lost Boats Party

The Walk to the Capital Party

The New Confederate Patriot Party

The Confederate Statue and Peculiar Reinstitution Party

The Throw Your Supporters Under the Bus Party

The Extort Another Foreign President for Political Gain Party

The Witness Tampering & Subpoena Obstructionist Party

The Vindictive Felonious Witness Retaliation Party

The Abuses of Power Party

The Russian Conspiracy Theory Champions Party

The Deference to Putin Party

The Alienate Your Traditional Allies Party

The Oops, We Found Another False Positive Dead Voter Party

The Dodge another Billion Dollar Law Suit Party

The Defamation of Character Party

The No Character and Wet Noodle Party

The Despicable Me Party

The Dr. Evil and Backwards Little Finger in the Mouth Party

I am pretty confident that one of the above names will be much more appropriate for the Republican Party.  And, that way, by selecting one of those above names, the Republican Party no longer has to worry so much about soiling the good name of President Lincoln and his former Party that had once held a place of so much honor and respect for preserving America’s dedication to the rule of law and against the rule of men.

The Bootlicking Sycophants

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The Bootlicking Sycophants will be playing today at the January 6th Riot Pavilion in downtown Washington, D.C. The three tenors, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham backed by their 140 member Bootlicking Sycophant Vote Objecting Orchestra led by world renowned Head Bootlicking Maestro, Kevin McCarthy, play all your favorites:  “I Left My Vote in San Francisco” and “Addicted to Lies” and “High Dopes” and “Seditiously Active” and “There Must be 60 Ways to Lose Your Lawsuit” and many, many others.  Get your tickets now!  And don’t forget; autographed conspiracy theories, marching gear and militia-grade hand ties will be passed out at the door to all patriots who attend!

Pathetic Sycophantic Careers

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Republican Senators may play to their misinformed Base during this impeachment phase by being unwilling to prevent a dangerous and seditious politician from ever holding public office again, but it will be the majority of Americans and history who will be the final judges regarding how little these Senators really care about justice, integrity, principles and the ideals of our Founding Fathers regarding their responsibility to be a check against absolute power and criminal abuses of power.  These Republican Senators will be judged by their failure to honor their oath to protect our nation from insidious tyrants who attempt to thwart our Constitution.  That will go a long way to justifiably put an end to their disgraceful and otherwise pathetic sycophantic careers as they cower in front of the disreputable beast they have deliberately chosen to pledge allegiance to.

The rest of America will then go forward to pledge allegiance to our more noble ideals that that justice is blind to wealth and power and that all men are created equal as represented by our nation’s flag.  And those Pathetic Sycophantic Careers dedicated to lies and despotic ideals positioned against our democracy will just fade away forever into history as prime examples of how weakness of character can be the greatest threat to our republic and to any republic based upon constitutional law and self-rule.

The Oregon State Republican Party and its Big Lie

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The Oregon State Republican Party embraced a lie, a big lie.  That Big Lie is that Trump really won the White House in 2020 but, due to voter fraud, the Democrats dishonestly captured the White House.  Even after sixty of their Republican lawsuits were thrown out of the courts for lack of voter fraud evidence and even after more honest, honorable Republican Election officials testified to the integrity of the 2020 election, confirming the Democrats won the Presidency, the Oregon Republican Party promotes the Big Lie.  But, then, on top of that lie, these Republicans take it a step further by promoting an even bigger unacceptable lie that equates the Democrats’ control of the government by the democratic process to Hitler’s takeover of Hindenburg’s government in the 1930’s with a reference to the “February 1933 burning of the German Reichstag” in a despicable resolution censuring the ten Republican Congressional Members that voted to impeach Trump. 

We saw the Capital Riots in real time with our own eyes one month ago today, caught on live TV and by the rioters themselves with posts to their social media accounts.  We know who is responsible for those riots. We know who is responsible for attacking and vandalizing our Capital Building.  There is no doubt it was Trump supporters and there is no doubt they were incited by incendiary statements made by Trump and his dishonest band of corrupt lieutenants on that tragic day and for months earlier before the riot with their dishonest and unfounded claims of voter fraud.

It is a sick, twisted, dishonest, unethical, morally corrupt and demented argument that the Oregon Republican Party makes to say that the blame for the insurrection belongs to someone or something else and that the Republicans who had enough honor and dignity to respect our laws to impeach Trump are somehow traitors.  Who is the traitor: someone who picks country over Party or someone who picks Party over country?  To the contrary, in the view of the majority of Americans, these courageous Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are valiant heroes.  They chose to defend our system of government.  They chose to defend self-rule and our Constitution over the corrupt aims of a dishonest tyrant spreading a Big Lie about the election he lost and then inciting a riot after he failed to get his way with his many attempts to corrupt the election results.

And with these statements of false equivalency, these not so respectable Republicans in the Oregon Republican Party signing this resolution of censure against their more honorable colleagues are, interestingly, the ones who are committing the fraud they claim others are committing.  The Oregon Republican Party fails to acknowledge reality.  The Oregon Republican Party fails to recognize that the real traitors are the ones supporting a corrupt lying tyrant over the Constitution of the United States of America. 

The Oregon Republican Party has pledged its loyalty to an inciting tyrant.  The Oregon Republican Party has expressly rejected the ideals of our Founding Fathers that are prohibitively against destructive autocrats who divide the nation to steer a course towards “permanent despotism.”  The very thing President Washington warned against in his Farewell Address about the corrosive path that can result from partisan affiliation that threatens our democracy is the very insidious thing the Oregon Republican Party is embracing with open arms.  Their Party is more important than our country.

Ironically, it is the leaders of the Oregon Republican Party who are the ones most mimicking the actions of Hitler by embracing the Big Lie in the same way Hitler embraced his twisted Big Lie that the Jews were responsible for a conspiracy that made everyone think Germany lost World War I when, in the Nazi’s delusional minds, Germany actually had won it.  Sound familiar? To add more confusion, the Nazis themselves referred to the proposition that the Germans lost World War I as the “Big Lie.”  This act of paying homage to Hitler and his Nazi’s reprehensible propaganda tactics by the Oregon Republican Party comes complete with the dishonest conspiracy theories that are at the base of their warped belief system.  Truth does not matter to the Oregon Republican Party just like it does not matter to most nefarious Political Parties positioned against democracy that you can name in the historical record.

There is only one way this story ends if it is not properly addressed.  We’ve seen it before.  It’s written in history and it is easily accessible for your evaluation.  And to be clear, it’s not a good ending.

The Oregon Republican Party’s delusion will either serve to destroy their Party or serve to destroy our country. One scenario is less tragic than the other but both are very tragic. Either way, it does seem the Oregon Republican Party is bent on destroying our country in ways that are not too dissimilar from the ways that the Nazis destroyed their own country by using matching dishonest methods of creating doubt and division among its citizenry.  These methods are not only offensive but they are truly un-American.  It is why the Oregon State Republican Party, itself, needs to be censured.

Today is President Reagan’s birthday.  President Reagan would be greatly saddened by how far his beloved Party has travelled away from that shining “City on a Hill” that he often spoke about.  That city of truth, union and diversity that once welcomed all has now been replaced with a gloomy, dark, decrepit city full of lies and corruption where power for the sake of power is idolized and only Republicans who devote their entire being to Trump are welcomed.

When considering how much our system of government is based upon compromise and respect for the individual, this extreme polarization has no place in American politics but this is especially true when one side of that polarized fray is based upon a dangerously unacceptable lie that the losers won an election that they clearly lost.   Such unfounded and outrageous notions are a clear threat to the very existence of our 244 year old experiment in self-rule.  Such notions need to be rejected outright and, those perpetuating them, need to be condemned.







What REAL Men Do

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Apparently, real men are back and here is what they are saying…

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…just have draft-dodging bone spurs.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…think celebrated captured and tortured soldiers from Arizona who fought in Vietnam are not heroes.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…have despotic, undemocratic fantasies that the election they just lost and they, themselves, are having trouble rigging, was…rigged.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…think that soldiers who died or who were maimed while serving their country are ‘losers and suckers.’”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…fire their defense secretaries for adhering to American ideals of honor and respect for the Constitution over loyalty to a single self-aggrandizing, vindictively insecure individual.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…fire their heads of cybersecurity for contradicting their unfounded and un-democratic lies about voter fraud.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…fire naval commanders at sea for trying desperately to keep their crew safe from a deadly disease.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…hire former New York City mayors with damaged reputations as legal counselors to spread lies and attack and undermine our democracy.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…ignore Federal laws (18 U.S. Code § 1513) as they fire in retaliation decorated military intelligence officers testifying to the truth.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…demand more loyalty to themselves than they do to our Constitution.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…are good with a Sharpie Pen when hurricanes strike.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…unsuccessfully pay-off adult film actresses to keep them quite.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…are still looking for all those boat owners in North Carolina.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…ignore bounties placed on the heads of their soldiers.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…think democracy is too inconvenient and too inefficient.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…corruptly extort presidents of foreign nations by using U.S. government resources for their own personal and political gains.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…just get impeached.”

“Real men wear masks.  Those who don’t…brood inside an oval office; launch endless, frivolous electoral lawsuits and never man-up to concede with honor.”

Well, there you have it.  “Real men” wear masks.  Doing their duty, they are protecting the ones they love, their fellow citizens and, to the extent that masks self-protect, themselves as well.  All “Real Men” agree that you should wear a mask too.  However, and for some reason we still don’t quite understand, after all these years, “Real Men” still don’t eat quiche?