The Panegyric Cabinet Meeting

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Like a Roman emperor receiving his panegyric from his trusted and loyal subjects, the odd video of the first full cabinet meeting offered to the media last month, June 12 2017, is quite disturbing and alarming.  I half expected to see each one of his cabinet members kneel in front of Trump to kiss his ring before they left the room.  This is absolutely not something that happens in America.  And yet, it is.

Anybody who believes in America, its implied stand against kings and personality cults, should be just as alarmed as I am.  We don’t need Jonestown Kool-Aid.  We don’t need a “Dear Leader.”  “Dear Leaders,” they belong in North Korea.  What we need from our representatives here in America is real work, transparency (not laws crafted in senatorial secrecy), a respect for law and order, an appreciation for traditional American protocols, a respect for our American government institutions, more civil discourse and inclusion, less concern for the pettiness of conceited personal image and then we need government officials championing our freedom and democracy instead of groveling at the feet of someone who fancies himself the newly appointed sovereign.

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