Speaking Out Against Hate Doesn’t Require a Permit

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Trump may not be a Nazi.  But, he is something close to it and about as repugnant.  The problem with Trump’s careless, disgusting and ignorant comments about “both sides” being responsible for the violence in Charlottesville is that it doesn’t address the fact that “both sides” did not drive a car into the other side.  “Both sides” did not murder somebody from the opposing side.  Only one side did that.

Trump is a complete failure as a leader.  Trump has proven time and time again that he is more worried about his image, more worried about his dwindling base of supporters than he is about the country as a whole.  No President in our nation’s history has ever directed their statements about national concerns exclusively to only their supporters while completely ignoring the rest of the country.  He is a deadly combination of brash inexperience, unapologetic arrogance and uncontrollable ego—the perfect prototype for America’s first despot and tyrant.

Unfortunately, Trump’s ridiculous statement about the hate-group combating “leftists’” that had failed to obtain a Permit just demonstrates how limited the thoughts in his poor mind must be.  Did it surprise Trump that not only Neo-Nazi’s could attend a rally; that there might actually be respectable people who think hate groups in America might be a bad thing and that they should actually bravely speak up and say something about it?  That there are actually good people with viewpoints that oppose the hatred that the rally marchers were promoting really is something that should have been lauded by any normal, respectable leader of the free world.  As American citizens, these so called “leftists” had every right to be there.  Sorry “Mr. President,” speaking out against hate doesn’t require a permit.

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