The Business of the United States of America is not to be a Business

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Had our forefathers intended our form of government to be run like a business, they would have set it up like a business.  But, that is not the purpose of our form of government.  A business is not so concerned about protecting liberty, justice and freedom as much as it is concerned about the bottom line. Big Businesses, if left unchecked, more often than not, like totalitarian governments, tend to exploit people, limit their options; they tend to foster an idea that the business is more important than its people.  When was the last time Microsoft was concerned about your right to practice a different operating system?

There is always room for efficiency in government and we absolutely need Big Business to progress as any meaningful modern society.  The improvements to our lives that can only happen if Big Business exists are apparent.  Laws favorable to Big Business should be encouraged but must be applied in the context that they don’t infringe on the rights, freedom and liberty of other American citizens.  Only a government independent of thinking like a business can do that.

So, it is absurd to me when people base their reason for selecting a particular candidate on the claim that the candidate will run our government like a business.  Our government should not run like a business nor should we trust people who think that it should.  If a person believes that government should run like a business, it indicates to me that they have absolutely no understanding of what they are talking about, no understanding of our current form of government or why our forefathers would have thought such a notion to be an absolutely bad idea.  Our government is not set up like a business on purpose because our government’s primary directive is to be subservient to its citizens, protector of our liberties and freedom not the other way around. Totalitarianism in any form is a bad idea.

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