Pink Sourcing for the Masses

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Consider Kristen Bell’s, Pink Sourcing video:

Pinksourcing With Kristen Bell | Celebs Have Issues Ep. 1

Funny, right?  Well, not so fast; not according to this article:

Another Celebrity Wrong On The Wage Gap” by Karin Agness

What I think is just as funny as Kristen’s video are some of the responses to Kristen’s video and, specifically, this one.  Instead of taking Bell’s comedy satire for what it is, the author of this article is a little bent-out of shape that Kristen would make such a “misleading” parody.  Sure, the writer for this Forbes piece has a point that the general Census Bureau statistic may not consider other factors like comparing similar jobs, that there may be less women in the workforce than men, that there is no consideration of the job choices women make vs. the job choices men make, etc.  There also seems to be a lot of disaffected men out there giving their nod towards this Forbes article who are unhappy that they get paid the same or less than women do in comparable jobs while Kristen has the gall to make fun of a statistic that they are quite certain is false.

But, so what?  It’s Kristen Bell!  Lighten-up.  She is really funny.  In addition, the video is not just about men vs. women but also, women vs. women, subtly and, cleverly, highlighting other disparities that exist in the workforce with humor as well.  My advice to this columnist and to all the other people who agree with her: “chill-out” and quit making such a big deal over this.

There really is nothing wrong with the point of view being promoted by the video.  You cannot escape the fact that there is a real disparity in household incomes between men and women.  In the long run, it really doesn’t matter why there are differences if you are truly concerned about a progressive improvement for women in the job market.  So, in my humble opinion, regardless of whether you are a conservative or a liberal businessperson, you now have one other real option to consider whenever you get that itching need to exploit somebody: pick up that phone and call Pink Sourcing.  Trust me; all your troubles will be solved.

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