Presidential Mouthwash

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It’s pretty obvious that the controversial portion of Stephen Colbert’s joke contained a statement that was quite inappropriate. And I think Colbert should offer an apology.  Also, to further differ with Colbert on that topic, of course Trump’s mouth is good for other things.

For example, Trump’s mouth is good for telling Billy Bush how great it is to be able to grab things he shouldn’t.  Or exclaiming how former Presidents have dressed-up in stealthy black attire to sneak into his towers to bug his every conversation.  Or how the Intelligence community knows less than he does about the fairytale of Russian hacking.  “Fake news” is Trump’s mouth’s middle name.  Therefore, Trump’s mouth is good for anyone who aspires to be a despot or who wants to disgrace our American form of democracy.

For those cases, Trump’s mouth is the perfect useful tool.  No longer is it just a pen for Putin’s prize Rooster.  Speaking of which, that also now explains why I always thought I saw feathers flying around Trump’s head after ever watching him speak.  It all makes sense now.


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