Ignorance is Bliss

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What is most disturbing about Kimmel’s video (see the link reference blow) is the number of people who are OK with giving back our symbol of Liberty and Freedom.  This video highlights a sickness which has infected our country.  Some of its symptoms include, unreasonable fear, a lack of empathy for those seeking refuge and a complete misunderstanding of what truly makes America great:  its Melting Pot status that offers a symbol of hope, freedom, liberty, justice and the opportunity to be free of tyranny to all.

My Irish ancestors who came to this country in the 1840’s were discriminated against in similar ways for the same exact set of reasons.  They were looked down upon.  They were despised.  My ancestors were accused of taking jobs away.  But, they were jobs nobody else wanted.  For example, my great grandmother was a servant who was a daughter of a servant.  My ancestors were accused of being members of a strange and ancient religion that would be the downfall of our country; that would take over and corrupt the more familiar common American religions defined by the Protestant Reformation.

None of these fears were reasonable and none of the fears that our country would be weakened because of it realized.  In fact, just the opposite occurred.  My ancestors became strong believers in democracy and our republic.  They fervently believed in liberty and justice and everything lady Liberty and our American flag represents.  Here are some notable fiercely patriotic Americans of Irish decent:  Senior Captain John Barry (widely recognized as father of the American Navy), General Richard Montgomery, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, General Phillip Sheridan, General John Reynolds, Audie Murphy, Rear Admiral Richard O’ Kane, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  Though few of my ancestors may have been related to such notable Americans, regardless, my Irish ancestors made America stronger and better; contributing to the economy and to the defense of our nation.  My Irish ancestors and the Irish immigrants of the past, in general, help made America great.

The cure to this sickness, of course, is simple: education.  Less likely do the words, “we have nothing to Fear but Fear itself,” have any meaning nor is it a guarantee today they should assume any dire warning for the civic minded citizen who might rightly consider them, but, keeping people ignorant provides better election results for that guy who sacrificed duty because of bone spurs.

Little by little, the chicken is being plucked.  A good portion of the electorate acknowledges no shame in closing their eyes shut in denial while it happens.  But none of this matters to about half the nation because ignorance is bliss.







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