Foreign Power Presidential Validation

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Chicken and a Wall

Only half the country sees the obvious and disturbing irony that Trump is receiving validation from Putin regarding his assessment of the “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.”

Another portion of the country is blissfully unaware that they are co-conspirators in a plot to ensure that the chicken is fully plucked.

Yet another portion is totally oblivious to the irony because they are too busy posting their food pictures to Facebook or liking the jumping moon cat video to care.

But the remaining portion, along with the pleasing approval of adversarial foreign powers, won’t rest until every feather is theirs and we are left with a country absent of a democracy and absent a republic.

Applying the AG’s New Recursive Investigation Rule

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It’s not just the Mueller investigation that needs to be investigated, the revenge seeking mission to expose all those rats who had the gall to suspect the President was a crook, other investigations requiring investigation into their shameful waste of tax payer money are also now being considered:

  1. O. J. Simpson – no conviction in the 1990’s – was it a waste of money?
  2. Fatty Arbuckle – no conviction – was it a waste of money?
  3. William Kennedy Smith – no conviction– was it a waste of money?
  4. John Hinckley, Jr. – not guilty by reason of insanity – was it a waste of money?
  5. Robert Blake – no conviction – was it a waste of money?
  6. Michael Jackson – no conviction – was it a waste of money?
  7. Amanda Knox – no conviction – was it a waste of money?
  8. Casey Anthony – no conviction – was it a waste of money?
  9. George Zimmerman – no conviction – was it a waste of money?
  10. Fat Election Hacker Guy in New Jersey Eating Pizza – waste?

The families of these people who had their lives turned upside-down by “Prosecutors Gone Wild” and who also participated in no collusion can now get their revenge thanks to their new Attorney General allies in the Justice Department.

The Party

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Some political parties are good at eating their own, throwing their members under the bus.  This often happens whenever political parties run into members who think that “The Party” should take second place to ideals based upon American justice and ethical behavior.  So, “The Party” leaders construct lies and false narratives based upon half-truths and innuendo that will protect “The Party” against unwanted public relations incidents destine to negatively affect the “The Party” and their stated political agenda.  “The Party” becomes more important than American Justice.  “The Party” becomes more important than America itself.

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, James Clapper, John Brennen and Robert Mueller have all been victims of these vicious and false narratives.  It is especially disheartening to learn that members of “The Party” who happen to also be associated with law enforcement and our Judicial System (either present or past) have succumbed to the corrupting effects of “The Party” narrative.  Many, disturbingly, have bought “The Party” line without questioning its soundness.

These are people who should know better given their own experience within their own agencies regarding how political motivations can fuel injustice that unfairly damage or even ruin careers.  The reputations of good people can be unfairly called into question as a result of these false narratives being peddled.  Don’t judge a book by its cover—especially when that book cover is being fraudulently maligned by political malware distributed by members of “The Party” bent on distorting reality. It is malware that may even be threatening to malign the integrity of all who come into contact with it.  Tear off the maligned cover, open the book and read it to find the real truth.

2,000 years ago there was another Party of people who dedicated their lives to maligning the reputation of an innocent man.  Palm Sunday is today.  It marks the beginning of the week where that Ancient Party of religious scholars was able to turn a crowd that initially celebrated the man’s entrance into Jerusalem into a crowd that was calling for his crucifixion by the end of that week.

So manipulated was the crowd by that Ancient Party that the people even refused to set the innocent man free when the Romans made the offer to honor their tradition of freeing one prisoner of the people’s choosing.  Instead, the crowd elected to have a recognized criminal who committed murder set free in the innocent man’s place.  And the Ancient Party was behind all of this because the man dared to challenge their authority, question their righteousness and examine and investigate their religious honesty.

These party officials felt threaten by the truths that the man had revealed about themselves. How easily the crowd turned upon the innocent man after party officials sought their revenge with their false accusations. The people were willing participants in accepting the lies of these so called religious people without considering their own responsibility in finding out the real truth. Has much changed in 2,000 years?  There is a higher loyalty.  We need to think about that before we jump on the bandwagon of contempt and ridicule against people of integrity who are actually speaking the truth.

Answering with Full Metal Integrity

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The Republicans’ baseless accusations against Adam Schiff and their ridiculously tacky call for his resignation is not only “Grandstanding” of the worst kind but it is also the most vilest form of projection I have ever seen by one group of individuals in an attempt at projecting their own unapologetic twisted behavior onto somebody else.  Not only is this an underhanded political maneuver on the part of these Republicans, it is also way beneath the integrity of even the most civilly debased political being that anyone might imagine can exist.

Adam Schiff, chairman of House Intelligence Committee, is way above the Republican’s dirty tricks.  On Thursday, 3/28/2019, Schiff turned the tables on his accusers by highlighting the Republican’s own unethical behavior of not providing the proper oversight of their equally civilly absent President.  Schiff convincingly outlined the evidence for collusion in his response to their inane request that dispels any myth that this evidence could ever be interpreted by anyone as “lies.”

Meanwhile these same Republicans fail to consider their own egregious misdeeds of participating in suspect memos tainted with political misinformation and running clandestine missions back and forth between the White House in order to contribute to the ample incidences of obstruction that has been made so public in its presentation by the President and his cast of Reality TV minions.  The President’s `actions and the efforts by those in his campaign to coordinate with the Russians while, perhaps, not criminal under today’s laws as opinioned by the Attorney General, is still not OK.  It also is certainly not OK for the President and his party line Republican soldiers to continue their vindictive, petty crusade of seeking revenge on their targeted political enemies who had every right to petition for an investigation into the odd behavior of this sitting President towards Russia and into the other strange choices this President has made.

This assertion is especially poignant when you consider that the President’s vindictive actions since the Attorney General released his summary report of the Mueller Investigation seem more representative of a Third World Country Dictator insecure in his own power than it is of a dignified American President who has any understanding at all of what it means to maintain even a minuscule measurement of integrity and decency.  We need a return to civility and integrity.  It should start with the President in a normal universe.  Since that is an impossibility given this Reality TV Star’s DNA, we instead need more people of integrity like Adam Schiff in Washington to shut down and to call out those who apparently are absent any actual integrity of their own.

Big Red Hats for Sale

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  • MAGA Hats – Just fantastically crafted American knowhow made in China hats; the standard apparel for any marching standoff with your favorite Native American Drummer. $25.99.
  • MAWA Hats – Equally crafted with a poignantly stinging overt message about what you really want America to be.  $25.99.
  • MANA Hats – In honor of all our beautiful friends from Norway. You’re going to love this smart looking hat with a slightly more subtle message about your positive border control and travel ban fears.  $27.99.

Benito Trumpolini and His Great Government Shutdown Wall!

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Trumpolini is implementing his glorious “Trumpolini First” policy by making our country and Federal Workers poor again!  Come celebrate this amazing accomplishment at the border with us today! Entertainment will be provided.  Some of the festivities will include watching hordes of amnesty seekers subjected to tear gas and loads of other fun but we’re running out of money for some reason to provide you all this great entertainment (we blame this on all the nasty Democrats).  So please go to our “GoFundMe” page!

There will be caged children, fireworks, plenty of name calling and testimonials from Federal Workers so happy not to receive their lousy unpatriotic paychecks while the rest of us at the congressional and executive levels feast in celebration!  And it should be noted that all Federal Workers know that their scant sacrifice during this shutdown is for the greater good of the great nation of Trumpolini!  And remember and don’t forget by supporting this patriotic shutdown endeavor you are working to, “Make Trumpolini Great Again!”

This has been a public service announcement sponsored by the Trumpolini Government’s Trumpolini First Ministry of Public Affairs.


The G-20 Hyperlink Blues

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Using his great deductive reasoning skills, Rudy Giuliani concluded that Twitter conspired with anti-Trump forces to malign his Tweet.  By failing to include a space between the end of a sentence and the next one, Giuliani errantly produced the hyperlink: This, of course, for most of us in the Tech World, means that Twitter thinks the word combination is a website with a domain extension of “.in” which is similar to “.gov”, “.com”, etc. (i.e. it makes the word combination “clickable”).  So, some bright individual noticed that, bought the domain name, “” (to make a real website out of the domain name) and put up this great announcement, “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country” (see the hyperlink for the full webpage experience).  Twitter users could now be directed to this site as they click on Giuliana’s Tweet.

But, rather than find out what really happened, Giuliani constructs this whole elaborate conspiracy theory story that Twitter is behind some grand scheme to defame the President because Twitter allowed “someone to invade my text with a disgusting message.”  This makes something that was incredibly funny into something ridiculously funny but also, disturbingly outrageous at the same time because I think, as a former high profile prosecutor, Giuliani should know better.  I will refrain from making any kind of comment regarding what that might mean for his legal representative skills, however.



Ignorance is Bliss

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What is most disturbing about Kimmel’s video (see the link reference blow) is the number of people who are OK with giving back our symbol of Liberty and Freedom.  This video highlights a sickness which has infected our country.  Some of its symptoms include, unreasonable fear, a lack of empathy for those seeking refuge and a complete misunderstanding of what truly makes America great:  its Melting Pot status that offers a symbol of hope, freedom, liberty, justice and the opportunity to be free of tyranny to all.

My Irish ancestors who came to this country in the 1840’s were discriminated against in similar ways for the same exact set of reasons.  They were looked down upon.  They were despised.  My ancestors were accused of taking jobs away.  But, they were jobs nobody else wanted.  For example, my great grandmother was a servant who was a daughter of a servant.  My ancestors were accused of being members of a strange and ancient religion that would be the downfall of our country; that would take over and corrupt the more familiar common American religions defined by the Protestant Reformation.

None of these fears were reasonable and none of the fears that our country would be weakened because of it realized.  In fact, just the opposite occurred.  My ancestors became strong believers in democracy and our republic.  They fervently believed in liberty and justice and everything lady Liberty and our American flag represents.  Here are some notable fiercely patriotic Americans of Irish decent:  Senior Captain John Barry (widely recognized as father of the American Navy), General Richard Montgomery, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, General Phillip Sheridan, General John Reynolds, Audie Murphy, Rear Admiral Richard O’ Kane, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  Though few of my ancestors may have been related to such notable Americans, regardless, my Irish ancestors made America stronger and better; contributing to the economy and to the defense of our nation.  My Irish ancestors and the Irish immigrants of the past, in general, help made America great.

The cure to this sickness, of course, is simple: education.  Less likely do the words, “we have nothing to Fear but Fear itself,” have any meaning nor is it a guarantee today they should assume any dire warning for the civic minded citizen who might rightly consider them, but, keeping people ignorant provides better election results for that guy who sacrificed duty because of bone spurs.

Little by little, the chicken is being plucked.  A good portion of the electorate acknowledges no shame in closing their eyes shut in denial while it happens.  But none of this matters to about half the nation because ignorance is bliss.




The Swallowed Whistle Detective Agency

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We specialize in finding Anonymous Op-Ed writers who may have caused you treasonous harm.  At “The Swallowed Whistle Detective Agency” we will leave no stone unturned.  Our sophisticated investigated methods will root out the enemy within your organization.  Do you have an annoying Anonymous Op-Ed writer who has just written a scathing rebuke of your leadership skills or, perhaps, this cowardly unidentified two-faced individual dissed your ability to understand simple, basic principles of American freedom and justice?  Or, maybe, you have been accused of cozying-up to dictators who have taken advantage of your ego and your limited brainpower?

No problem.  We will find your traitorous informer within 30 days or you get a full refund, satisfaction guaranteed!  With “The Swallowed Whistle Detective Agency” on the trail, the happy Anonymous Op-Ed writing days of your unknown antagonist will soon be coming to an end.  So, call now for a free consultation so you can get back to doing what you do best—destroying your country’s democratic institutions and it’s standing in the world with reckless disregard!

To be Free of Despots and Tyrants

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I do not find it too surprising that an agent of a foreign government would take his next offensive strike against democracy and freedom by attacking a former intelligence officer, an officer who, for over 25 years, dedicated his career to protecting our Constitution and the liberties and freedoms it guarantees. It is just the type of action one would expect from someone who wants to thwart an investigation that might expose his illegal activities and alliances.  These are the desperate actions of a guilty man not an innocent man who seeks truth, justice and who has nothing to hide.

Ironic, isn’t it; that a President of the United States who is supposed to be protecting our Constitution would attack it so ruthlessly by employing such a thoughtless attempt at curtailing the very freedom our Constitution guarantees with such childlike vindictiveness?  Such an action openly violates his oath of office.  Not only is revoking Brennan’s security clearance offensive to the ideals of our founding fathers, it is the real treason.  It is a high crime. It is a tactic right out of the Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Putin handbook.  And to tolerate it would be to imply a complacency that no American who truly believes in liberty and freedom can ever accept.

Trump’s action to wield his position as a weapon against those who disagree with his policies threatens the very foundations of our democracy and that of our republic.  It shows a blatant disrespect for our republic, our democracy and the intent our forefathers had for our country to be free of despots and tyrants. The seriousness and the far reaching implications of these latest actions by the President to revoke security clearances of his perceived “enemies” can no longer just be excused as simple ignorance, nativity nor the bumbling incompetence of a harmless buffoon, but now must be considered as a calculated effort to circumvent and undermine the very institutions and checks and balances that our forefathers sought to establish to protect our nation against would be despots and tyrants.