Benito Trumpolini and His Great Government Shutdown Wall!

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Trumpolini is implementing his glorious “Trumpolini First” policy by making our country and Federal Workers poor again!  Come celebrate this amazing accomplishment at the border with us today! Entertainment will be provided.  Some of the festivities will include watching hordes of amnesty seekers subjected to tear gas and loads of other fun but we’re running out of money for some reason to provide you all this great entertainment (we blame this on all the nasty Democrats).  So please go to our “GoFundMe” page!

There will be caged children, fireworks, plenty of name calling and testimonials from Federal Workers so happy not to receive their lousy unpatriotic paychecks while the rest of us at the congressional and executive levels feast in celebration!  And it should be noted that all Federal Workers know that their scant sacrifice during this shutdown is for the greater good of the great nation of Trumpolini!  And remember and don’t forget by supporting this patriotic shutdown endeavor you are working to, “Make Trumpolini Great Again!”

This has been a public service announcement sponsored by the Trumpolini Government’s Trumpolini First Ministry of Public Affairs.


The G-20 Hyperlink Blues

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Using his great deductive reasoning skills, Rudy Giuliani concluded that Twitter conspired with anti-Trump forces to malign his Tweet.  By failing to include a space between the end of a sentence and the next one, Giuliani errantly produced the hyperlink: This, of course, for most of us in the Tech World, means that Twitter thinks the word combination is a website with a domain extension of “.in” which is similar to “.gov”, “.com”, etc. (i.e. it makes the word combination “clickable”).  So, some bright individual noticed that, bought the domain name, “” (to make a real website out of the domain name) and put up this great announcement, “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country” (see the hyperlink for the full webpage experience).  Twitter users could now be directed to this site as they click on Giuliana’s Tweet.

But, rather than find out what really happened, Giuliani constructs this whole elaborate conspiracy theory story that Twitter is behind some grand scheme to defame the President because Twitter allowed “someone to invade my text with a disgusting message.”  This makes something that was incredibly funny into something ridiculously funny but also, disturbingly outrageous at the same time because I think, as a former high profile prosecutor, Giuliani should know better.  I will refrain from making any kind of comment regarding what that might mean for his legal representative skills, however.



To be Free of Despots and Tyrants

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I do not find it too surprising that an agent of a foreign government would take his next offensive strike against democracy and freedom by attacking a former intelligence officer, an officer who, for over 25 years, dedicated his career to protecting our Constitution and the liberties and freedoms it guarantees. It is just the type of action one would expect from someone who wants to thwart an investigation that might expose his illegal activities and alliances.  These are the desperate actions of a guilty man not an innocent man who seeks truth, justice and who has nothing to hide.

Ironic, isn’t it; that a President of the United States who is supposed to be protecting our Constitution would attack it so ruthlessly by employing such a thoughtless attempt at curtailing the very freedom our Constitution guarantees with such childlike vindictiveness?  Such an action openly violates his oath of office.  Not only is revoking Brennan’s security clearance offensive to the ideals of our founding fathers, it is the real treason.  It is a high crime. It is a tactic right out of the Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Putin handbook.  And to tolerate it would be to imply a complacency that no American who truly believes in liberty and freedom can ever accept.

Trump’s action to wield his position as a weapon against those who disagree with his policies threatens the very foundations of our democracy and that of our republic.  It shows a blatant disrespect for our republic, our democracy and the intent our forefathers had for our country to be free of despots and tyrants. The seriousness and the far reaching implications of these latest actions by the President to revoke security clearances of his perceived “enemies” can no longer just be excused as simple ignorance, nativity nor the bumbling incompetence of a harmless buffoon, but now must be considered as a calculated effort to circumvent and undermine the very institutions and checks and balances that our forefathers sought to establish to protect our nation against would be despots and tyrants.

The Republicans who Stole Christmas

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“The Republicans who stole Christmas:” all about an evil, devious Tax Plan that takes from the poor single homeowners, robbing them of their tax credits and deductions, to give to the rich corporations.    Watch as Mr. Potter and President Bone Spurs, heads of the two biggest New York Wall Building conglomerates, compete to outdo each other in finger-twiddling schemes to reap even bigger rewards from the injustices they are allowed to employ against the struggling, unentitled poor.  Yes, the new Tax Plan is their new secret weapon that allows them to upgrade Potterville and Bone Spurs World to even worse living conditions.

Meanwhile, these two robber barons, Mr. Potter and President Bone Spurs, continue to get away with paying no taxes at all.  Billionaires, it’s time to watch the little guy lose for once!  Forget the George Baily’s of the world and their hapless guardian angels—that’s so passé.  Coming to America in the spring of 2018—watch for the new increased federal taxes taken from your paycheck in 2018 to pay for the new Tax Plan in 2019!  Check local listings for a theatre near you!  Also, in iMAX and 3D!

The Panegyric Cabinet Meeting

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Like a Roman emperor receiving his panegyric from his trusted and loyal subjects, the odd video of the first full cabinet meeting offered to the media last month, June 12 2017, is quite disturbing and alarming.  I half expected to see each one of his cabinet members kneel in front of Trump to kiss his ring before they left the room.  This is absolutely not something that happens in America.  And yet, it is.

Anybody who believes in America, its implied stand against kings and personality cults, should be just as alarmed as I am.  We don’t need Jonestown Kool-Aid.  We don’t need a “Dear Leader.”  “Dear Leaders,” they belong in North Korea.  What we need from our representatives here in America is real work, transparency (not laws crafted in senatorial secrecy), a respect for law and order, an appreciation for traditional American protocols, a respect for our American government institutions, more civil discourse and inclusion, less concern for the pettiness of conceited personal image and then we need government officials championing our freedom and democracy instead of groveling at the feet of someone who fancies himself the newly appointed sovereign.

The Signpost Up Ahead and 10 Other Reasons Why the Travel Ban is Wrong

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Trump’s Travel Ban is so wrong in so many ways.  Listed below are 10 of those reasons why:

  1. It goes against the spirit of our Declaration of Independence and of our Constitution—Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness applies to all people.
    1. Our Declaration and Constitution is a proclamation to the world and it is inclusive not exclusive; a universal idea.
    2. Our Declaration of Independence states: “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”
    3. The 14th Amendment guarantees constitutional rights to all people (not just to citizens of the United States of America).
    4. So, subsequently, it is necessary that our migration policies follow a similar pattern of fairness and justice.
  2. Security experts in general believe the travel ban is a bad policy that is bound to backfire by giving violent groups who have made themselves sworn enemies against our ideals of religious tolerance and freedom a new recruiting tool for their brutally deranged and deadly plots.
    1. 100 former government officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations signed a letter to the administration urging that the President “revisit and rescind” the executive order given that it is “counterproductive from a security standpoint, and beneath the dignity of our great nation.”
    2. One of the signers of the letter, four-star General Michael Hayden, former CIA and National Security Agency Director (a Bush II appointee), has made it clear in several recent interviews how ill-advised, short sighted and unnecessarily reckless this policy is. Consider the statement he made in a January 30th interview:  “What we’re doing now has probably made us less safe today than we were Friday morning before this happened because we are now living the worst jihadist narrative possible, that there is undying enmity between Islam and the West.”
  3. We are a country of exiles from our very beginning; a place where people seek refuge to escape persecution suffered in their country of origin.
    1. To discriminatingly close the door on those seeking the hope America offers is a betrayal of who we are and a failure to properly honor our own heritage.
  4. The travel ban promotes an isolationist mentality which is the policy that has been cited by many historians as a top contributing factor that led us into World War II.
  5. The Ancient Roman Empire followed a similar course of closed-minded immigration mismanagement which contributed significantly to its downfall; some historians even point to it as the main reason why Ancient Rome fell.
  6. We lose the public relations benefit that manifests itself when new migrants escaping unbearable circumstances are allowed sanctuary in America.
    1. When people learn how free America really is, especially free of the corruption that plagues their former countries, they become a Voice of America that is even louder and more effective than the government sponsored Voice of America itself as they inform family and friends around the world that America is exactly what it promotes itself as being and even better.
  7. The travel ban negatively impacts our economy as tourism drops, as skillset levels drop, as technological advances decline and as we lose our standing in the world as the credible voice of Freedom and Liberty.
    1. Tourists from other non-targeted countries no longer feel safe nor are they able to take us seriously about our commitment to freedom when we fail to honor those chiseled words that rests inside the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    2. Science and technology are at the core of our success as a modern world power.
    3. It’s a good thing we didn’t have the same intellectually challenged travel ban mentality in the 1940’s that would have prevented the rocket scientists and physicists escaping enemy nations from being allowed to enter our country.
      1. It is doubtful we would have been the first to split the atom without that happening.
      2. That realization necessarily implies that Nazi Germany would have likely been the first to split the atom (and that wouldn’t have been good).
      3. It is doubtful our country would have the technical leadership position we now enjoy if we had no reason to build the computers and the rockets that propelled the space race to its final conclusion by being the first country to land a man on the moon.
  1. We lose our power to effect Democratic change in critical non-Democratic areas of the world.
  2. We lose our ability to see that we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
  3. And finally, we lose what makes America great.

This executive order that Trump wants to enact is nothing more than a disturbing anti-American display of demagoguery. That so many have closed their minds to what this really is, some even going as far as to betray our own traditional American sensibilities in actually promoting it, makes it all the more disturbing and all the more alarming.   It is so alarming, in fact, that it seems to me that we are marching blissfully unaware into a completely surreal goose-stepping episode in American history.

America isn’t noticing that signpost up ahead if it chooses to allow this smallminded but completely un-American display of demagoguery to resurface unchallenged.  Considering all the other bizarre things that have been happening with this unthoughtful presidency, it’s not too farfetched to believe that at any moment Rod Serling could step into the frame to quietly make a poignant but intellectually sobering announcement how America now finds herself smack dab in the middle (short pause) of “the Twilight Zone.”




Russian Hacking and Other Insecurities

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It really is beside the point whether the Russian hacking actually helped Trump win the election.  I don’t think that the intelligence communities ever claimed that they had such evidence.  The CIA, FBI and the other intelligence agencies repeatedly claimed that the evidence only showed that the Russians were responsible for hacking our computer networks and that this effort was intended to benefit Trump.  Trump repeatedly denied that the Russians could be responsible; over and over again, doing as much as possible to cast doubt upon and discredit the various intelligence agencies at every chance he could.  Now it appears that Trump might concede a little bit by acknowledging that maybe there was some hacking by the Russians but careful to qualify that this hacking didn’t help him win the election.

While it is difficult to quantify, it is not difficult to understand how the result of the collected hacked information appearing on WikiLeaks, each week a new set of hacked data presented during the campaign, kept negative attention focused on Clinton’s e-mail server scandal and alleged Clinton Foundation issues.  It is difficult to argue that this did not have an effect on the election.  But, even so, the not so easily quantifiable presumption that there may have been an effect on the election is distinct and separate from the election result itself which, obviously, is something we can easily quantify. So, absent other evidence, it could never really be argued that the election result is not valid based upon this presumption alone without a great amount of difficulty.

Regardless, Trump continues to put his self-interests above his country.  If the President-Elect is unable to comprehend the duty he has to protect the security of his country even above his own interests, how can he be expected to protect its people and the democratic values our country holds dear?  Is this really the type of characteristic we want in a President?

The fact that we have a President-Elect who is so insecure about his own election result that he would think the evidence that implicates that the Russians hacked our systems necessarily implies that his election result is invalid may be another indication of just how lacking in character and unqualified a President-Elect we have.  Most normal statesmen (and/or stateswomen) would be more worried about protecting our country rather than protecting some less meaningful election result.  The last President that might have been accused of having this much insecurity is Nixon.

Interestingly and similarly, that President also went to great lengths in his efforts to protect his 1972 election result even going as far as becoming involved in a conspiracy to cover-up a crime.  It’s amazing how more things change the more they remain the same.  So, if anyone had any doubts before, it’s pretty clear to me now where this Presidency is headed.