The Republicans who Stole Christmas

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“The Republicans who stole Christmas:” all about an evil, devious Tax Plan that takes from the poor single homeowners, robbing them of their tax credits and deductions, to give to the rich corporations.    Watch as Mr. Potter and President Bone Spurs, heads of the two biggest New York Wall Building conglomerates, compete to outdo each other in finger-twiddling schemes to reap even bigger rewards from the injustices they are allowed to employ against the struggling, unentitled poor.  Yes, the new Tax Plan is their new secret weapon that allows them to upgrade Potterville and Bone Spurs World to even worse living conditions.

Meanwhile, these two robber barons, Mr. Potter and President Bone Spurs, continue to get away with paying no taxes at all.  Billionaires, it’s time to watch the little guy lose for once!  Forget the George Baily’s of the world and their hapless guardian angels—that’s so passé.  Coming to America in the spring of 2018—watch for the new increased federal taxes taken from your paycheck in 2018 to pay for the new Tax Plan in 2019!  Check local listings for a theatre near you!  Also, in iMAX and 3D!

Patriotic Fox Sports Announcers and Other Boobs

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I agree with Brooke Baldwin.  You cannot say:  “I believe in the First Amendment and boobs.”  You can either say, “I believe in the First Amendment” or “I believe in boobs.”  But you cannot use both in the same sentence.  It also would be improper to say:  “I believe in First Amendment boobs” (regardless of how patriotic you think you might be sounding).  However, if you voted for one, then saying, “I believe in political boobs,” would be perfectly acceptable.  And that leads me to my final point: the only time it might be acceptable to say “I believe in boobs” at all on national television is if you happen to be one.

Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis’s dysfunctional response to Baldwin during her interview on Friday, September 15, is obviously offensive to anyone who believes public statements should promote a certain amount of decent coherency along with a certain amount of reasonable civility and respect.  While the First Amendment does give Travis the right to expose debased portions of his mind; it doesn’t mean he should ever use it to do that without considering the forum of his free speech.  Nor should Travis expect decent people to think he is being more clever than obnoxious for doing so.

But, one thing we should give Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis some credit for: at least he didn’t say he goes around grabbing boobs that don’t belong to him or that he uses his celebrity status to help him execute such overtly licentiously conceived plans.  Those careless thoughts might just get him elected President of the United States.

What is this country coming to and what the heck is going on at Fox with all this crazy regressive subculture they seem to want to own?  How long will the Fox Network continue to appear to be actively promoting sexual misconduct and degeneration within their midst?  And one last question: does the basket stop here?  Or is it something more systemic that is growing in our general population that should cause us more alarm?  I guess I will let you know after I get done eating lunch at my favorite owl themed restaurant (“Oh Miss, can I get another basket of deplorables, I mean, buffalo wings?”).



CNN Anchor Ends Segment Early Over Commentator’s Bizarre ‘Boobs’ Remark



July 4th Note #3: The Tweeting Conspiracy Theory Wackos

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Travel Bans, Voter Fraud Commissions, Allegations of Wiretapping former Presidents; America:  no longer the leader of democracy and freedom in the world, no longer the home of the brave but, now, proudly, the home of the new and improved tweeting conspiracy theory wackos.

July 4th Note #2: Let’s Enact a Travel Ban!

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This 4th of July, forget about liberty and freedom and, instead, concentrate on the notion that they are all out to get us.  We must hide our heads in the sand.  We must succumb to every imagined fear we can.  We must close all our boarders to all who seek refuge to show the world how autocratic and third world country we can be.  You guessed it.  It’s time to play, “Let’s Enact a Travel Ban!”  Check local listings for dates and times.

July 4th Note #1: www.mad.evil.prez

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This 4th of July we celebrate America’s new incivility towards each with the grand opening of the new website:  www.mad.evil.prez.  Disclaimer:  this great new website while overstocked with lots of snake oil is not intended to be a replacement for divisive random tweets based upon nothing but conjecture, thoughtlessness and thin air.

Off-Color Remarks in Jokes

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The problem with Colbert’s inclusion of an off-color remark in the joke he told last week is that now, instead of keeping the focus of attention on Trump’s reckless, baseless, unsubstantiated, totally unthoughtful, untruthful and outrageous claims about a former President that might highlight for the general public Trump’s incompetency as a leader, the focus of attention is now on Colbert’s controversial remark.  The focus is no longer where it should be.  For a political joke to be effective, you need to keep the focus of attention squarely directed on the target of the joke, not on yourself.

But, on the other hand, I don’t believe the FCC has much of a chicken leg to stand on if they want to consider fining Colbert given that the word Colbert used means something totally benign with the formal use of the word in the English language.  If you look the word up in any Google search, the definition is:  “a male bird, especially a rooster.”  So, to the FCC chairman and his crusade to spend time and money to investigate something that would have been outright dismissed by any other sane, less vindictive administration, I only have one thing to say: “Cock-a-doodle-do.”  Besides, the less time the FCC spends “investigating” something that doesn’t need to be investigated, the more time the FCC and congress can get back to destroying our internet protections and making your life on the internet less secure and more annoying.

Presidential Mouthwash

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It’s pretty obvious that the controversial portion of Stephen Colbert’s joke contained a statement that was quite inappropriate. And I think Colbert should offer an apology.  Also, to further differ with Colbert on that topic, of course Trump’s mouth is good for other things.

For example, Trump’s mouth is good for telling Billy Bush how great it is to be able to grab things he shouldn’t.  Or exclaiming how former Presidents have dressed-up in stealthy black attire to sneak into his towers to bug his every conversation.  Or how the Intelligence community knows less than he does about the fairytale of Russian hacking.  “Fake news” is Trump’s mouth’s middle name.  Therefore, Trump’s mouth is good for anyone who aspires to be a despot or who wants to disgrace our American form of democracy.

For those cases, Trump’s mouth is the perfect useful tool.  No longer is it just a pen for Putin’s prize Rooster.  Speaking of which, that also now explains why I always thought I saw feathers flying around Trump’s head after ever watching him speak.  It all makes sense now.